Rock Of Faith Ranch

Horse and Heart Rescue Ranch

Rescue horses rescuing people!

Rock of Faith Ranch provides opportunity for youth and their families to connect with horses, heart-to-heart, spirit-to-spirit with no communication barriers. When you feel misunderstood, isolated... hug a horse today! 

At Rock of Faith Ranch in Merrickville, Ontario, we rescue thoroughbred horses. All the horses arrive quite unexpectedly, each with its own story; a history steeped in the tradition of horse racing or competitive jumping, both mixed with the excitement and adventure associated with the cultural expectations of the track or the equestrian stadium. 

  • We provide a non-profit sanctuary where these horses are given the love, respect, and dignity they deserve for their many years of service.
  • We provide youth and families with an opportunity to connect with the horses.
  • We offer an introductory program of horsemanship wherein youth and their families get the chance to learn about horses including all aspects of care, handling, and riding.


  • In this process of connecting with horses the participants experience a sense of joy and exhilaration, perhaps even an element of emotional healing, and further develop their character insofar as concerns those elements of patience, perseverance, kindness, acceptance, responsibility, love, and respect.
  • Some of the work chores, and certainly the activities of walking and riding the horses, can also provide a great sense of pride and accomplishment, not to mention a healthy measure of physical conditioning.