Rock Of Faith Ranch

Horse and Heart Rescue Ranch

Meet the animals


At approx 32 years of age, Guinness is the oldest of the herd. He is the only gelding and he is quite happy about that. He is laid back most of time.... except when there are treats or food! Then it is ALL for him and too bad for anyone else! We have had trouble keeping weight on Guinness. He has been prone to abscesses in his feet and when one is present, he drops the weight in a hurry! When you visit you will notice that Guinness and Haley were inseparable.

Haley (1993-2016)

Haley was our lead mare for most of the time she was here. She would have been 23 years old this year and was beautiful! She was extremely attached to our boy Guinness. As Guiness was slowing down and spending more time in the barn, she gave up her lead mare role, just so she could dedicate her attention to Guiness. She prefered to have us put a blanket on Guinness before we put one on her and she would defend and protect him from any jostling in the field. We call it "the Love Story".It was a sad day for us when we had to say good-bye.

Missy (1993-2016)

We didn't know a lot about MIssy's background. We think she was about 21 years old. All we do know for sure, is she was the gentlest of the herd. She had such calcification in knees and she became so hobbled that she could not keep of the herd.Each year she has slowed down more and more to the point where we had to make the decision to say good-bye this year. She could no longer navigate hills and turning around corners and the winter would have been impossible for her navigate through snow. When she looked at you... she looked deep inside and could see into the most wounded soul. We miss her!

Bombshell (Secret Weapon)

Bom-Bom will be 18 years old and she acts like a teenager. She likes to have fun and tries to stir the herd up when she thinks they should be moving somewhere. Bombshell was born in the USA where she raced. As she came to Canada, she was trained to jump.

Dot Tom
Dot is the youngest adult of the herd She will turn 12 this year and she is magnificent. Check out her little one.... it is definitely me and mini-me.Dot came to us after she suffered suspensory ligament damage to her back legs. Dot will give Guinness a run for the food and treats if they are around, but she will eventually bow to his seniority. In spite of that, she has taken over the lead mare role from Haley this past year.
Julia (Jeweled Ransom)
Julia will be 21 years old and has been with us for a few years now and it has taken her a long time to get comfortable with us and with her place in the herd.... she is at the bottom of the hierarchy. She is gentle and is willing to leave the herd to follow us around as we do chores. Julia was born in Kentucky and raced in the US and Canada.. At some point in her post-race career, she and the herd she was with was left unattended for a period of time that led to her being extremely under-nourished. She was rescued and nursed back to health and eventually found her way to Rock Of Faith Ranch.


And... last, but by no means the least, there is Redemption. What bundle of joy she was when she arrived! Dot Tom gave birth to Redemption in the spring of 2013 and she is a force to be reconned with! Full of spunk and we just love her to pieces!