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How can you help?

If you would like to assist with the care of the horses and the ranch, we have provided this page with different options for your convenience. We are unable to provide a Charitable Receipt.

We appreciate your support!


There are always lots of chores that need to done. If you are willing to help out, we would gladly put you to work! Just send us a note and let us know.


See below for options to help with the day-to-day operations of the ranch.

Hey...we need Hay!

1 round bale will last for 4 days.

When it is cold outside, horses eat more hay to keep warm. We use large Round Bales for out in the fields and small square bales for in the barn. Prices of hay vary from year to year depending on whether the farmers get cooperation from Mother Nature, but an average for one large Round Bale is $35.00 delivered right to our field!!

Oh... yeah... and sometimes... it nice to snuggle up in!

Sponsor a horse!
By sponsoring one of our horses, you will be able to help support their up keep throughout the year or ever just for a month if that is all you can do. Each sponsorship includes a visit to the ranch to participate in the daily activities. This would include chores like mucking out a stall, but also the fun stuff like grooming the horse, walking them and of course, riding (if the sponsored horse is able to be ridden). Monthly sponsorship would be $60.

Fund for Run-in Shelter

This is a big need right now. We need to build a run-in shelter for our new paddock outside of the barn.The horses usually prefer to be outside, however, on those snowy, windy winter days, the horses have to be able to get out of the elements.

Oats, beet pulp and vitamins

Oats, beet pulps, horse treats and vitamins. Supplements to hay, and the horses don't need a watch to know when it is feeding time! They show up right on time at the barn door looking for their feed!

Tack and other riding equipment

The horses still love to work and we keep several sets of tack on hand for those who are willing to come and give them some exercise. Helmets are a must and we need to have a selection of helmets available.